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Questions Answered by Your Substructure Contractors in Horsham

What is underpinning?

Underpinning is a technique employed by civil engineering and groundworks contractors to strengthen foundation installations that may for one reason or another have become compromised. It may be due to poor construction, age, environmental factors, or the property above undergoing significant structural changes or a general change of use.

Are there different types of foundation installation?

Yes. Depending whether it’s domestic or commercial groundworks that we’re handling for Horsham clients, and more importantly, the specifics of the project at hand, our groundworks contractors will choose:

  • Individual footing
  • Combined footing
  • Strip foundation installation
  • Raft / mat foundation
  • Pile foundation installation
  • Drilled shafts / caissons

What do you handle as Horsham’s local drainage contractor?

The most common tasks we’re enlisted for include drain excavation, alteration, repair and installation; the latter often as part of wider civil engineering or commercial groundworks projects enabling the development of new builds in the Horsham area.

Why choose BVMH Groundworks over competitors in the Horsham area?

Firstly, we’re led by a core management team with nearly 50 years industry experience. Secondly, our team of groundworks contractors, drainage contractors and substructure contractors are qualified, accredited professionals who continually raise the bar whatever they’re doing: from standard extension groundworks e.g foundation installation, to underpinning a dangerously unsound Horsham property.

Finally, we offer a personal service at all times tailored to your requirements. Exceling in the area of project management, we ensure that even the most challenging of commercial groundworks or civil engineering projects are met with bespoke solutions which overcome any and all logistical hurdles. Put these three things together, and it’s easy to see why Horsham clients come back to us time and time again!

What do I need to ensure is in place before an extension can get underway?

Typically, extension groundworks involve minor dismantling/demolition to remove outer walls, foundation installation or underpinning in the case of present but insufficiently sound foundations, and then site clearance to ensure your construction contractors of choice are able to get to work right away.

However, specifics will differ from project to project, and Horsham homeowners choosing our substructure contractors and groundworks contractors for extension groundworks will always receive a tailored service and professional advice from first contact till long after our work is completed, and we’ve packed up and left! After care is a big part of the customer service experience at BVMH Groundworks.

If you’re looking to prepare an environment for development or change of use, contact the civil engineering and substructure contractors at BVMH in Horsham on 01903 536 587.