BVMH Groundworks Ltd

Service Overview – BVMH Groundworks in Haywards Heath

Domestic Groundworks – There’s a lot of information across our website about our suitability for commercial groundworks and civil engineering projects: two aspects of the job only certain companies can handle due to the need for a larger team and access to particular forms of plant. But that doesn’t mean our groundwork contractors and structural contractors don’t take on domestic projects around Haywards Heath, such as extension groundworks e.g foundation installation, or assisting in the case of failed/sinking foundations through the use of underpinning.

Commercial Groundworks – Some of our most frequent collaborators and clients around Haywards Heath are professionals and companies in the construction industry. Our groundwork contractors assist those in this area not just not via aforementioned services like foundation installation and underpinning – the first things most people think of when they think of groundworks – but through clearing sites, excavations, concrete works, structural retention and surfacing. As a one-source commercial groundworks solution, we make it simpler and more affordable to totally prepare a site for development, or to prepare it for hand over to the end user.

Civil Engineering – The term civil engineering captures an incredibly broad spectrum of types of work; and it’s all about shaping the world around us through the adaptation of environment, construction of infrastructure, etc. Common civil engineering projects our team of structural contractors take on include steel, concrete, timber and masonry design and construction, development of industrial and commercial developments, building modifications (groundworks like foundation installation and underpinning are a fundamental part of many civil engineering jobs we take on around Haywards Heath), and the installation of drain infrastructure…

Drainage – …on the subject of drains, we also serve as the Haywards Heath area’s favoured drainage contractors. Regular tasks we deliver for clients include excavating drains, installing them, altering them and repairing them. We can draw up detailed designs to ensure that drains are best suited to their intended and volume of usage. As civil engineering and groundworks contractors, we can also install soakaways to ensure that serious rainfall doesn’t risk backing up your sewer system. So contact our drainage contractors should you need to access your system for work.

If you’re looking for a provider of any of the services listed in the above, contact Haywards Heath’s BVMH Groundworks on 01903 536 587.