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Dos and Don’ts of Groundworks in Chichester

Do get professionals in. There are a number of “DIY’able” tasks that Chichester residents may feel they can have a good stab at themselves. Painting, skirting, general decoration – these sorts of projects. But when it comes to groundworks, such as foundation installation and underpinning, we’d urge you to defer to professional groundworks contractors. Reading about these sorts of tasks online can be deceptive. But far from being straightforward, there are many different considerations which affect how groundwork contractors, drainage contractors, and civil engineering / substructure contractors go about their work, from environmental factors, to building regulations, and nuanced factors such as the need to use particular materials to ensure a development is in good stead. Amateurish work on domestic and commercial groundworks can endanger a project and indeed put persons and property at serious risk!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. When you first contact groundworks contractors, drainage contractors or substructure contractors, you should have a list of questions to ask them. What’s their track record with the type of work you require? What qualifications do their team hold? Do they have their own plant, and what will they be working with? Will a project require planning permission? Do they have a portfolio? Ask all of this is before you get a quote on specific forms of commercial groundworks or something like extension groundworks – e.g foundation installation and underpinning before construction begins. It’ll help you get a better understanding of the project, and get closer to choosing the right team for the job – after all, we’re not the only groundworks company operating in Chichester!

Do prioritise on-site safety. If you’re planning on handling aspects of groundworks yourself, be sure to have a rigorous plan in place to safeguard those on site. This may cover the types of PPE to be used/worn, the identification of environmental hazards (e.g electrical or sewer infrastructure that needs to be avoided), and a general commitment to working in a steady and responsible manner. After all, as professional groundworks contractors, drainage contractors or substructure contractors will tell you, many accidents that occur on sites around Chichester simply happen because work is being rushed.

Don’t use plant without the proper training. Almost of what we do at BVMH Groundworks involves the use of plant equipment. From underpinning and foundation installation (typical extension groundworks), to transforming landscapes via civil engineering and large-scale commercial groundworks, and excavating and installing drain infrastructure in our capacity as Chichester’s favoured drainage contractors. But with, as the saying goes, great power comes great responsibility. Don’t use hired plant without first learning how to do so safely and properly.

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