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Ensure a development starts off on the right foot: enlist BVMH Groundworks to design and construct its foundations. Covering the entirety of the southeast of England, our team brings over 42 years of combined experience to the table, tailoring installation to your specifications. At all times, we’re informed by the needs of the project, and factors such as soil types, the presence of underground infrastructure, and any other environmental challenges that may need to be carefully navigated. We’re also informed by all relevant building regulations, and the Institute of Civil Engineers Specification for Piling and Embedded Retaining Walls 2007.

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of quality foundations. Get this right, and you put a building in good stead to stand tall for many, many years to come. Get it wrong, and you could be dealing with catastrophic setbacks, incurring costs and endangering occupants. Working on everything from smaller domestic projects, to much larger commercial and even industrial schemes, BVMH provides an exceptional standard of workmanship, paired with effective project management that ensures budget and timescale are always at the forefront of our minds.

Types of Foundations

Individual / Isolated Footings – The most common type we design and build. It’s built for a single column, and can also be referred to as a pad foundation. Square or rectangular in shape, its size will be calculated based on soil type and expected load.

Combined Footings – These are employed when two or more columns are close enough that isolated footings would overlap. It’s a combination of isolated footings with varying structural designs.

Strip Foundations – In situations where weight needs to be spread over a wider area, strip foundations find their calling. They’re used for load-bearing walls and to accommodate rows of closely-spaced columns. Offering exceptional stability, they’re commonly used for extensions and new build foundations.

Raft / Mat Foundations – Large slabs supporting a number of columns and walls. They’re spread across a larger area, and find their niche in helping our contractors deal with low soil pressure, and in cases where individual footings are cost-ineffective or otherwise inappropriate.

Pile Foundations – When ground conditions are unsuitable for heavy loads, piles can be driven into the ground and filled with concrete. Then a ground beam is added to enable the construction of a proper supporting surface.

Drilled Shafts / Caissons – These are foundations which are cast in-situ. We’ll drill a column to a pre-determined depth outlined in our initial designs, then steel is lowered into the hole before being filled with concrete.

BVMH Groundworks constructs long-lasting, bespoke foundations for domestic, commercial and industrial projects in the southeast of England. For consultation, call 01903 536587.