BVMH Groundworks Ltd

Types of Project Handled by BVMH Groundworks in Brighton

Extensions - There’s a good chance if you’ve purchased a property in the Brighton area, at some point you’ll want to explore investing in it. An extension can be a great way to achieve this, providing you with more room to enjoy on a day-to-day level, while adding significant value. Before construction can begin, however, you’ll require extension groundworks. This will likely be in the form of foundation installation. Our groundwork contractors will carefully consider the proposed structure to ensure the foundations constructed are built deep enough and have the right load bearing characteristics.

Drain Work - As the Brighton area’s preferred drainage contractor, we’re regularly called in to install drain infrastructure, alter existing systems, and excavate / repair damaged or very old drains that might be causing issues or failing entirely. We take the time to get a detailed understanding of your requirements, and the existence of all relevant environmental and infrastructural elements involved in the task at hand. This ensures our drainage contractors can help create an efficient, problem-free system that will put up with everything thrown at it.

New Builds - Our groundwork contractors and substructure contractors can also prepare sites for the construction of new build properties in and around Brighton. As a commercial groundworks specialist, we have the team and plant required to work on significant, multi-phase undertakings, delivering work to a precise brief outlined during our initial consultation, considering timeframes, budget, and logistical challenges that might be present. While we have experience working alongside other contractors on the projects we take on, we’re primarily a one-stop solution that handles everything from drawing up designs, to the final muckaway before handover; we have the scale required to go well beyond simple extension groundworks!

Underpinning - What happens when foundations begin to show signs of failure? Act too slowly and you could be dealing with something as serious as the building sinking or collapsing entirely, putting lives at risk or, in the best case scenario, incurring massive repair and reclamation costs. But by acting quickly and calling in our civil engineering and commercial groundworks contractors, you may be able to amend the situation. How? Underpinning. This sees us methodically reinforce existing foundations, using a variety of different techniques. Typically, we’ll excavate under the existing foundations bit by bit, creating a secondary foundation installation that provides integral support to the original foundations. Other underpinning techniques employed by our groundwork contractors on projects in Brighton include expanding foundations to spread the load out over a wider area, or working with the soil/ground type if this is the cause for sinking or slippage.

But these are just a few example project types our domestic and commercial groundworks contractors take on in Brighton. To discuss your own project, call 01903 536 587 today.