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When you need a site excavated quickly and safely, by a team known for its exceptional project management capabilities and quality of enabling works, you call in BVMH Groundworks. Serving the southeast of England for verging on two decades now, we have the expertise required to excavate huge expanses within impressive timeframes, without sacrificing precision and on-site safety.

With over 42 years of collective experience, our team operates a fleet of well-maintained, modern plant which allows us to deliver bulk excavations in an authoritative manner. Whether it’s for a domestic, commercial or industrial project, we’re eager to hear from you as to arrange a consultation and no obligation quote on requested works.

What Are Bulk Excavations & When Are They Required?

As the name suggests, a bulk excavation is simply the removal of large amounts of soil, rock and similar materials from a site, usually to prepare it for further development or a change of use. They facilitate the construction of foundations – another service we provide our clients – as well as new roads and surfaces. The plant we use is always tailored to the job. It’s dictated by the extent of the work at hand, and whether or not the plant will be able to easily access the site and manoeuvre about it.

BVMH Groundworks ensures only qualified operators work on site, to ensure all relevant regulations and safety measures are adhered to. The waste we generate during the project is responsibly managed, heading onto secondary use wherever possible; we are committed to our environmental responsibilities, and are constantly ensuring our working practices are ecologically sustainable.

To discuss your requirements, or to get a quote on bulk excavation, contact the BVMH Groundworks team today on 01903 536587.